Conferences and Events

Americas Coaching Supervision Network 3rd Annual Coaching Supervision conference 7-8 May Mexico City

Young tunes on an old fiddle: Making music across generations with Kristina Crabbe

Virtual Coaching Supervision in the Americas: Elevating Our Coaching Practice Third Annual Supervision Conference

Goldvarg Consulting Group and Lily Seto Coaching & Consulting invite you to the Third Annual Americas Coaching Supervision Conference 
May 7 - 9, 2020, which will be a Virtual Conference via Zoom.


EMCC Global 26th Annual International coaching, and Supervision Conference 1-3 June Paris France

Jennifer Plaister & Carol Whitaker

Anthropologists looking for gold: a supervision model of co-created learning

Theme: Diversity & Inclusion for Practitioners

Area: Supervision

Style: Mainly Experiential

Type: Demonstration

A fun and interactive approach to some serious issues around diversity and inclusion in inter-cultural supervision. Delegates will get the opportunity to witness a demonstration and then try the approach in pairs, including experimenting with the Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope tool with a variety of props and to consider its applicability in their practice.

We will share our experiences of working with the Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope with people across the globe. We will take participants on a ‘deep dive’ to explore cultural differences, similarities, values, beliefs and experiences. And facilitate discussions that consider the implications upon global leadership styles, global mindsets and working practices.



The Supervisor's Compass: Contracts, Contracting and Re-Constracting

A Masterclass for Coaches & Supervisors from the Association of Coaching Supervisors by Michelle Lucas and Carol Whitaker

Outline: As supervisors we have probably been asked more than once “what would you do?”. Inevitably our most typical reply is  “it depends”! When faced with a dilemma in coaching or mentoring work it is unwise to generalise and in fact, until we understand the Contract under which the work was established, it is almost impossible to gauge how appropriate an action or intervention might be. In their work as supervisors Carol and Michelle have noticed that encouraging supervisees to un-pick a “hypothetical” dilemma gives the supervisee the opportunity to stand back and gain a positive sense of distance. This helps minimise unconscious bias and assumptions that creep in when looking at their own real issues.

Date and Time: Wed 23 May 2018 14:00 – 18:00 

Location: Fazeley Studios, 191 Digbeth Street, Birmingham B5 5SE 

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